Preventative Dental Services in Huntsville, AL

One way to ensure the life of your teeth is by keeping them healthy. With preventative dental care, we are able to stop dental problems while they are still small and prevent them from becoming a serious concern. At Inspiring Smiles Family Dentistry, our friendly and highly-trained hygienists offer very thorough cleanings, ensuring you leave our office with clean and shiny teeth. Our hygienists also take the time to carefully and patently explain everything you may need to know about your specific dental health and topics that surround it so you feel confident about maintaining your beautiful smile.
We Provide The Following Preventative Dental Services For The Whole Family:
  • Breath Treatment
  • Cleanings
  • Custom Athletic Mouthguards
  • Dental Sealants
  • Nightguards
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Patient Education
  • Regular Checkups & Exams
Senior beautiful smile - family dentist in Huntsville AL

Gum Therapy to Support Your Smile

It has become very common for a large amount of the general population has some amount of chronic gum disease without even knowing it. The issue is that chronic gum disease is a silent problem and often goes unnoticed until it is a serious issue. This is why we are very diligent and thorough about our charting and observing the status of your periodontal health. We charting is created specifically to monitor your gums' health in your future visits with us and we make sure our cleanings protect your teeth and gums from unwanted accumulation of disease-causing tartar.
We Provide The Following Gum Therapy Services:
  • Deep and Regular Cleanings
  • Detailed Charting
  • Diagnostic Services